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Steam Condensate Heater

Steam Condensate Heater
Patented in 18 countries, this proven simple system has improved final sugar quality, extraction efficiency and overall capacity of plant at low investment with unimaginable viability

Innovative, Proven Condensate & Waste Heat Recovery System

  • Installation of our unique Patented Condensate heaters along with well engineered flash heat recovery system can bring down the steam demand to 33 – 34 % for sugar process compared to 41 – 42% on cane in standard sugar plant without any Compromise & complications in process parameters & system

Design Principle & Methodology

  • The principle adopted is the primary heating of raw juice using conventional juice heater by low temperature vapors is carried out by vapor condensate after flashing to gain potential and further intensive bleeding to result maximum steam economy. Our liquid to liquid countercurrent tubular condensate heater uses vapor condensates only after flashing to heat the raw juice to 70 -72 deg C with a stand by provision of one segment for cleaning .
  • Identical type feed heater recovers exhaust condensate heat by preheating of clear juice to gain steam economy & avoids loss of pure condensate due to flashing with proper sealing at high pressure end in simple way.
  • Our well designed flashing system operates & handles entire condensates by 3 numbers of identical pump sets with elimination of smaller size pumps to gain electrical power and maintenance cost end. The system can be incorporated even for the evaporator section installed at 6000mm.Addition of our direct contact heaters for further improves economy of the plant by recovery of waste heat from clarifier, filter vapors, Juice & evaporator ammonia vapors.

The system reduces steam & power demand in boiling house and increases plant operating capacity with best quality sugar output with higher extraction efficiency

  • Range: Juice Flow 50 TCH to 700 TCH
  •  Application: Raw Juice, Sulphured Juice, Clear Juice, Scalding Juice
  • Press Juice and SHWW
  • No of Installations: 170 +


  • No need of steam or vapor for Juice heating
  • Achievable ⧍T max. 30°C
  • No need of chemicals for tube cleaning
  • Zero load on Effluent treatment plant (Pollution free)
  • For point of operation view simple, sturdy & operated by local semi-skilled staff
  • No need of automation
  • Shortest time of implementation of scheme
  • Less investment with short payback period

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