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Radial Flow Evaporator

Radial Flow Evaporator
Ensures perfect distribution of steam radially throughout the calendria and efficient removal of condensate as well as non condensable gasses

Improves juice circulation and less scale formation because of more juice re-circulation area

  • Range: H.S. 4000 m2 to 6000 m2
  • Application: To concentrate Clear Juice by evaporation
  • Working Positions: First or Second effect of quintuple evaporator set
  •   No of Installations: 185 +


  • Evaporation rate achievable, max. 22 kg/m2/hr for second effect
  • Less hydrostatic head
  • Lower temperature drop due to less hydrostatic head
  • Water stagnation and heating surface loss is minimized by withdrawing condensate at center of Calandria
  •  Loss of heating surface area for withdrawing condensate and non-condensable gasses is totally eliminated
  • Less deposition of scale, due to proper distribution of inlet juice

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