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Louvre Type Rotary Sugar Dryer

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The Saisidha Process House sets the benchmark for sugar plants due to our exclusive patented design, which focuses on minimizing steam consumption and, consequently, achieving a short payback period. Our proprietary design for juice heaters, evaporators, and vacuum pans guarantees the efficient and cost-effective operation of the sugar plant.

This rotary sugar dryer is designed with a rotating cylindrical shell with internal lifters and also fitted with two cast steel tyres and sprocket. Chain and sprocket which is coupled to sprocket helps for the rotation of shell

  • Range: 5 TPH to 80 TPH
  • Application: Raw Sugar, Refine Sugar and White Sugar
  • No of Installations: 35 +


  • High heat transfer at low temperature
  • Can handle both, surface and bound moisture in the drying solids
  • Constant exposure of material to hot air stream
  • Gentle treatment of material results in minimal mechanical damage to product
  • Direct contact of both drying and cooling air ensure maximum drying and cooling
  • Greater control of cooling and drying air
  • Excellent mixing action ensures uniform drying of all the particles
  • Continuous operation
  • Compact installation
  • Minimum electrical power
  • Minimum dusting

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