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Falling Film Evaporator (FFE)

Falling Film Evaporator
The Saisidha Process House sets the benchmark for sugar plants due to our exclusive patented design, which focuses on minimizing steam consumption and, consequently, achieving a short payback period. Our proprietary design for juice heaters, evaporators, and vacuum pans guarantees the efficient and cost-effective operation of the sugar plant.

Assists in generation of thinner and faster moving liquid film helping in shorter contact time and high heat transfer rate

  • Range: H.S. 1000 m2to 7000 m2
  • Application: To concentrate clear Juice by evaporation
  • Working Positions: First to fifth effect of quintuple evaporator set
  •  No of Installations: 30 +


  • Meticulously designed to prevent tube jamming by ensuring a consistent juice flow to each tube.
  • FFE installation options feature internal and external catchalls/ save-alls, specifically crafted to eliminate juice entrainment, guaranteeing efficient operation.
  • FFE maintains a Wetting Ratio of 1800-2200 Kg/hr/m, optimizing juice and vapor distribution with max Evaporation Rates of 27-30 Kg/m2/hr (first effect) and 25-27 Kg/m2/hr (second effect)
  • Requires less frequent cleaning compared to conventional evaporator bodies, contributing to reduced maintenance efforts.
  • Installing FFE in later stages maximizes steam economy, enhancing overall system efficiency

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