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Direct Contact Juice Heater (DCH)

Direct Contact Juice Heater
The Saisidha Process House sets the benchmark for sugar plants due to our exclusive patented design, which focuses on minimizing steam consumption and, consequently, achieving a short payback period. Our proprietary design for juice heaters, evaporators, and vacuum pans guarantees the efficient and cost-effective operation of the sugar plant.

An alternative approach to the plate and tabular heaters

  • Range: Juice Flow 50 TCH to 700 TCHW
  • Application: Raw Juice, Sulphured Juice, Clear Juice, Scalding Juice
  • Press Juice and imbibition water
  • No of Installations: 124 +


  • 1°C to 2°C approach temperature
  • Less space for installation
  • Head loss is lower as compared to conventional Juice Heater
  • No need of standby heater for cleaning
  • Utilizes low temperature of vapor improve steam economy of plant
  • No need for water for H.S. cleaning
  • No need for manpower to clean tubes
  • No cleaning, zero load on Effluent treatment plant (Pollution free)

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