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Continuous Vacuum Pan

Continuous Vacuum Pan
The Saisidha Process House sets the benchmark for sugar plants due to our exclusive patented design, which focuses on minimizing steam consumption and, consequently, achieving a short payback period. Our proprietary design for juice heaters, evaporators, and vacuum pans guarantees the efficient and cost-effective operation of the sugar plant.

Produces high massecuite exhaustion, consistent crystal size and improves energy efficiency

  • Range: 15 TPH to 50 TPH
  • Application: B & C Massecuite
  • No of Installations: 45 +


  • Operate with low vapor pressure 0.2 – 0.3 Kg/cm2 (g)
  • Least massecuite head improves natural circulation and prevent adverse effect of B.P.E. and heat injury to crystals and color development
  • Uniformity of crystal size which improves exhaustion of mother liquor
  • Use of low temperature vapor for heating for maximum steam economy
  • Minimum coefficient of variation. (C.V. _30)
  • Less manpower & less space is required
  • Cleaning period after 35 – 45 day

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