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We offer a complete range of cane handling and feeding arrangements for sugar mills. Our comprehensive range of cane handling equipment includes Cane Unloader, Feeder Tables and Cane Carrier. Easy to operate, these equipment provide long service life requiring minimum maintenance. The technique of cane handling varies from region to region depending upon the type of cane availability, labor and other factors. Hence, we provide our customers with cost-effective customization of the equipment exactly as per their requirement.

Previously Cane Kicker or Cutter were used. To eliminate the drawbacks of Kicker and Cutter this new device is introduced and runs successfully with best performance at various sugar mills.

  • Main advantage of the Chopper is – To avoid the jamming & to feed equally to Fibrizor. (It is creating uniform Cane Mat / layer)

Featurewith best performance at various sugar mills.

  • Works as a “FEED METERING DEVICE”.
  • Excess cane cuts and throws back.
  • Chokeless hood of unique design. Due to precisely monitoring the entry of cane, peak loads on leveller, fibrizer and mills reduces and stabilizes the process.

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