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Providing both single-drum and bi-drum boilers, we offer advantages such as high efficiency, reliable performance, and low maintenance costs. The sizes range from 5 tons/hr to 250 tons/hr, with pressure settings varying from 100 degrees Celsius to 540 degrees Celsius. The boilers are meticulously designed in accordance with ASME and IBR standards.

Notably, we have recently delivered a 120 TPH single-drum boiler for a 6000 TCD greenfield sugar plant, Kidera Sugar in Uganda.

  • Capacity varying from 5 ton/hr to 250 ton/hr 250 TPH
  • Pressure from 10 kg/cm2 to high pressure up to 125 kg/cm2 
  • Temperature from 100°C to 540°C
  • Design Standards-IBR/ASME
  • Types of fuels used in Boilers:
  • Bagasse, Wood Chips, Indian coal/Import coal, Rice Husk
  • Type of Combustion methods:
  • Traveling grate, Dumping grate, Pulsating Grates, Pin hole type grate
  • Outdoor and Indoor Installations
  • Auto or remote – manual control options


  • High Efficiency
  • Minimum amount of unburnt carbon in Ash
  • Boiler design allows fuel with Low GCV high moisture
  • Boiler gives the guaranteed performance
  • Use of high safety standards in boiler
  • Efficient fuel consumption in furnace
  • Variable frequency drives for traveling grate & fan motors
  • Boiler Panels with membrane wall construction provides minimum refractory requirement for
  • sealing & No flue gas leakages
  • Furnace design with maximum absorption of heat
  • Provides approach platform, inspection doors, observation doors for repair and maintenance
  • Erosion of pressure part and ducting reduced by keeping the optimum flue gas velocity

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