Energy Efficient Boiling House

We manufacture superior quality of Boiling House Equipment, made from stainless steel. These industrial evaporaters are capable of withstanding high temperature and pressure. Our boiling house equipments are widely used for the production of high value natural cane wax and can be designed as per the specification of the customers. Our full line of boiling house equipments include Vapour Cells/Evaporators, Long Tube, Rising Film Evaporators (Semikesteners), Extra Low Head Vacuum Pans and more.

  • Product Range: FFE of HSA 1800 – 6000 m2, with varying tube length.
  • Calandria compactness to ensure proper wetting by juice and lesser scaling.
  • Two Tier Juice distribution arrangement: Uniform, turbulent free, efficient distribution of Juice
    a. The coarse distribution consists of inverted umbrella
    b. Fine distributions consist of top closed weir pipes & formation of thin film of juice
    c. Distribution plate provided with screw arrangement to ensure zero-zero level .
  • Juice recirculation: Pump capacity selected based on Wetting Number 1200 to 2000; to suit proper juice recirculation suitable for single or double juice entry.
  • Recirculation pump provided with VFD for flow control of recirculation juice, results in optimized power consumption, ensure proper wetting of tubes.
  • Vapor / Juice separation: Sufficient height provided to vapor / juice separation chamber.
  • Sufficient NPSH for Juice Circulation & transfer pump; mechanical seal provided to prevent juice leak.
  • External Poly Baffle catchall for low pressure drop and effective entrainment arresting.
  • Adequate Nos of condensate & vent connections to improve heat transfer rate.
  • For higher tube heights (12 mts), calandria will be made dynamic with three baffle plates.
  • Tube plate designed with square pitch (especially for last three effects) to facilitate free flow of vapor for better heat transfer.
  • With zero Hydrostatic Head, temp loss will be minimum resulting higher heat transfer, better evaporation rate and delivers higher temp of outlet vapor.
  • With lesser operating temp and lesser retention time, inversion losses will be minimised.
  • With lesser retention time (less than 2 min for First effect), evaporators can operate at low exhaust pressures as compared to raising film evaporator.
  • As a precautionary measure (in case of 1st effect), When suddenly juice flow to FFE stops, due to unforeseen reasons; water is admitted by spray to prevent drying up of tubes in Calandria, scaling, caramelization & choking of tubes.
The Advanced SSEPL Roberts evaporator is another success story that has made an outstanding contribution to the sugarcane processing industry.

The evaporator, designed offers many benefits:

  • Enhanced juice processing capacity.
  • Improved steam economy and distribution
  • Improved noxious gas removal arrangements
  • Improved juice feed and withdrawal systems
  • Enhanced circulation features
  • Lower steam side pressure drop
  • Better condensate drainage
  • Factory proven for higher heat transfer co-efficient and energy efficiency
  • Reduced heat transfer temperature differential
  • Elimination of high brix regions on the juice side.

We are providing design solutions for new installations or retrofits to existing Roberts evaporators to improve performance and suit specific needs of clients.

We are the leader in Evaporator Station. Till today we had successfully commissioned 30 Semikesteners in India and Abroad. In which we have successfully commissioned one of the largest Semikestener of 6000 m2 Heating Surface in India. Our Number of installations itself is self explanatory regarding its quality and performances.


  • Increase in capacity by about 20% due to higher heat transfer coefficient due to high velocity of Juice in the tubes.
  • Reduced inversion losses due to less retention time of juice at high temperature.
  • Reduced cost.
  • Less space requirement.
  • Less scaling due to high velocities & easy to clean.
  • No entertainment of juice with vapors.
  • Higher vapor pressure available for pan boiling on vapors.


  • The Calendria is like juice heater with 4000 mm long tubes. It can be designed up to 6000 mm lg tubes.
  • Baffle plate mounted on top tube plate to ensure diversion of juice droplets towards inside annular Vapor space around top tube plate. Other baffles and centrifugal type catchall are also provided with sufficient body height to prevent the entertainment.
  • Sufficient annular space around the tubes in the Calendria with tangential steam entry for equal Distribution of the exhaust over the entire heating surface. Non-condensable are drawn out from the center. No stagnant zone for heating medium.
  • Effective distribution of inlet juice over the bottom tube plate due to flashing of juice and smaller Diameter of tube plate. Installation likes a big juice heater.
  • No short-circuiting & re – circulation of inlet juice due to annular juice outlet around top tube plate.

  • The strike capacity of the pan is increased by 25% higher then conventional pan.
  • Time required for boiling the strike is also reduced by 20% due to very less hydrostatic head.
  • Fast boiling is achieved.
  • No dead zone above Calandria as the body is straight above Calandria.
  • Extremely uniform distribution of steam over entire Calandria due to annular space combined with high circulation rate makes it possible to use vapours bled at lower pressure for pan boiling and thus reduces some steam consumption.
  • More uniform of crystals & quality of massecuite.

  • Produce strong massecuite circulation
  • Provide uniform conditions for crystal growth at any section along the pan
  • Generate narrow crystal size distribution
  • Minimize the number of control instruments
  • Provide easy access to Calendria for maintenance
  • Simplify valving and feed pipe work
  • Augment production capacity by the addition of an extra module.


  • Horizontal pan layout comprising well-mixed cells
  • Carefully designed massecuite flow path to avoid flow restrictions
  • Small number of cells of optimal individual cell volumes
  • Separate modules with Calendria in each module
  • Low massecuite boiling head
  • Optional mechanically stirred modules.


  • Excellent massecuite exhaustion, as measured by formal evaluation
  • Significant improvement in raw sugar recovery, as determined by formal evaluation;
  • Increased production capacity – about 30% greater than batch pan of comparable volume
  • Strong circulation movement, allowing production of well exhausted massecuite of high dry solid content, with minimal use of balancing water and steam/vapour
  • Minimal operator supervision while maintaining consistent production performance
  • Rapid and simple emptying, boilout and restart operations.

We have successfully commissioned our Continuous Vacuum Pan at following factories –

1) Ryatar S.S.K. Niyamit, Rannanagar, Dist. Mudhol and
2) Laila Sugars Ltd., Khanapur, Dist. – Belgaum.

  • Vertical High Velocity Multi circulation.
  • Efficient distribution of steam.
  • Positive removal of condensate.
  • Adequate venting to ensure satisfactory operation.
  • Quick opening of cover plates.
  • Leak proof passes for higher efficiency.
  • Extra thick cover plates duly reinforced to withstand higher juice pressure.

Determination of a vertical Crystallizer design (SSEPL design) for the cooling crystallization of C massecuite. The design incorporates a strong emphasis on avoiding short-circuiting of massecuite from inlet to outlet – a common problem in vertical crystallisers; and

  • More purity drop of mother liquor
  • Less cost per unit volume
  • No supporting staging etc., easy to install on ground
  • Compact, space saving installation
  • Less power consumption
  • Maintenance of only one unit instead of a battery, easy access to all parts
  • Expansion of capacity is easy
  • Can be installed out of doors

  • Mild Steel Reinforced construction.
  • Heavy Duty pipe shaft.
  • Extra strong stirrer arm & ribbon.
  • Heavy Duty Bearings.
  • Large size discharge gate.
  • Mild Steel Reinforced construction.
  • The steam flow path distance – increases due to higher heating surface area and calandria diameter.
  • In radial flow even though double entries are provided steam is passed in the jacket to make it further half of the distance travel and steam is uniform ally moves at the same velocity
  • Because of maintenance of uniform steam velocity and reduced distance travel the tubes at the centre point’s temperature are also maintain to result more evaporation.
  • In radial flow type Evaporator apart from the above the condensate is collected at the centre so that the water stagnation and loss of heating surface area is minimized and the condensate flows in the same direction of steam flow to the centre point.
  • Non condensable gases are also taped at the centre and the loss of heating surface area at the top of the tubes is minimized. Further to improve the first vapor required for juice heating is taped from the centre point and the calandria is made swiping type so that the heating surface loss is totally eliminated due to condensate and non condensable gases. This is the basic principle adopted in radial flow type in conventional evaporator bodies in vary high heating surface area to get maximum evaporation rate.
  • Similarly for prolonged operation of evaporator body the juice distribution should be ensured for uniform flow to prevent starvation of juice to the heating surface. This reduces the rate of scaling.
  • The juice outlet is multi down take at appropriate points from the top of the tube plate to prevent longer travel of juice to the centre point.