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MULTI MIS-ALIGNMENT ROPE COUPLING (MMRC) Manufacturer and Supplier of Multi Mis-alignment Rope Coupling (MMRC) for Sugar Cane Mills. THE PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION The Multi mis-alignment coupling is a revolutionary concept for transmitting torques from gear to mill top. It replaces the square coupling and tail bars. Like all other couplings, the Rope Coupling consists of a driving half and a driven half. The coupling directly connects the final speed reducer of the Mill Drive to the Top Roller of the Mill. The driving half mounts on the final speed reducer output shaft square end and the driven half mounts on the square end of the mill top roller. Torque is transmitted from the driving half to the driven half by means of Polyester Slings hence the name ‘ROPE COUPLING’. Because of the Polyester Slings the design is completely flexible and absorbs large mis-alignments of the top roller with respect to the output shaft of the driving gear. These flexible elements forms balanced couples in a plane normal to the coupling axis. This eliminates in a single coupling the large bending moments and thrust generation that normally results from the axial and radial mis-alignments between gear and top roller.


  • Improves extraction performance of the Mill. The conventional Tail Bar obstructs free floating of the Mill Top Roller. The Multi Mis-alignment coupling does not impose any constraining thrust on the Top Roller. With free floating of Top Roller, the Mill operates at the designed setting and optimum hydraulic pressure and consequently performs more efficiently.
  • If installed on the last Mill, final Baggasse Moisture will be lower.
  • Mis-alignment between square end of the Gear shaft and the Top Roller either due to tilting of the Top Roller or initial alignment error in installations fully absorbed by the Rope Coupling. As a result no significant lateral thrust or bending moment is transmitted to the final gear.
  • Reduced Torque and Power consumption of Mill.
  • Breakage of crown pinion and top roller is completely eliminated.
  • Negligible maintenance.

INNOVATIVE, PROVEN CONDENSATE & WASTE HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM. Installation of our unique VIJAY-CONDENSATE heaters along with well engineered flash heat recovery system can bring down the steam demand to 33-34 % for sugar process compared to 41-42% on cane in standard sugar plant without any Compromise & complications in process parameters & system. This proven simple system has improved final sugar quality, extraction efficiency and overall capacity of plant at low investment with unimaginable viability. DESIGN PRINCIPLE & METHODOLOGY The principle adopted is the primary heating of raw juice using conventional juice heater by low temperature vapors is carried out by vapor condensate after flashing to gain potential and further intensive bleeding to result maximum steam economy. Our liquid to liquid counter current tubular condensate heater uses vapor condensates only after flashing to heat the raw juice to 70 -72 deg C with a stand by provision of one segment for cleaning . Identical type feed heater recovers exhaust condensate heat by preheating of clear juice to gain steam economy & avoids loss of pure condensate due to flashing with proper sealing at high pressure end in simple way. Our well designed flashing system operates & handles entire condensates by 3 numbers of identical pump sets with elimination of more number of smaller size pumps to gain electrical power and maintence cost end. The system can be incorporated even for evaporator section installed at 6000mm.Addition of our direct contact heaters for further improves economy of plant by recovery of waste heat from clarifier, filter vapors, Juice & evaporator ammonia vapors. ADVANTAGES
  • Lowest steam consumption of 33 -34 % for entire sugar process.
  • Complete elimination of medium pressure steam for sugar operations.
  • 99 – 99.5 % pure exhaust condensate back to boiler at 100 – 102 deg C.
  • Simpler system identical to operation of conventional juice heaters with easy supervision, highly reliable and repeatable.
  • The separate second effect vapor condensates circuit enables for use of cooling tower make up after conditioning and reduces pollution load for CO-generation plant.
  • The low temperature of excess vapor condensate at 45 -48 deg C is directly and easily handled as dilution water for treated sugar factory effluent (or) directly used at distillery.
  • Low investment with assured shortest pay back of below one normal sugar season.
OVER VIEW The system reduces steam & power demand in boiling house and increases plant operating capacity with best quality sugar out put with higher extraction efficiency. PROVEN We have already installed this system successfully at Shri Khedut Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandli Ltd., Kosamba, Tal.-Hansot, Dist.-Bharuch (Gujrat) – India. During Season 2009-10 1. Shree Khedut S.K.U.M. Ltd., Pandvai, Kosamba, GUJRAT STATE – Achieved 33-34% on cane on days average from 1st day During Season 2010-11 1.Shri Vitthalrao Shinde S.S.K. Ltd., Madha, Dist.-Solapur (350 TCH) Achieved 32-33% Steam on Cane 2. Nira Bhima S.S.K. Ltd., Indapur, Dist. – Pune (150 TCH) Achieved 33-34% on Steam Cane 3. Ryatar S.S.K. Niyamit, Timmapur, Mudhol, Dist.- Bagalkot (190 TCH) Achieved 33-34% steam on Cane During Season 2011-12 1.M/s. Bhimashankar S.S.K.Ltd, Tal.Manchar, Dist.Pune. (Maharashtra) (170TCH) Achieved 35-36% Steam on Cane 2. M/s. Tridhara Sugars Ltd, Amadapur Dist.Parbhani. (Maharashtra) (140TCH) Achieved 35-36% Steam on Cane During Season 2012-13 1.M/s. Shree Ganesh Khand SKUM Ltd.A/p.Vataria, Tal.Hansot, Dist.Bharuch, (Gujarat) (170TCH) Achieved 34-35% Steam on Cane 2. M/s. Shree Shivsagar Sugars Ltd., Udapudi, (Karnataka) (130TCH) Achieved 35-36% Steam on Cane PROJECT UNDER EXECUTION 1. M/s. Ashok SSK Ltd., Shrirampur, Ahmednagar. (Maharashtra) 2. M/s. Tikaula Sugars Ltd., Tikaula, Muzaffarnagar. (U.P.) 3. M/s. Gayatri Sugar Complex, Sadasiva Mandal,Nizamabad (A.P.) 4. M/s. Nairangarh Sugar Mills Ltd,Village: Banondi, Naraingarh, (Ambala).