Rotary Sugar Dryer

Rotary sugar dryer is a drying machine which is used to dry the wet sugar coming from batch type centrifugal machines through Sugar hoppers. It is designed superbly and it feeds rotary sugar dryer by means of screw feeder in to the dryer by way of screw feeder, belt Conveyor or other appropriate mechanism depending on feed properties. It is attached with hopper in which feed material is poured which further comes into screw feeder into the dryer with, belt conveyor or other suitable mechanism works as per feed properties.

The rotation of drum lifts the flight to the portion of dryer and the material’s portion downs to the dryers’ portion. Material comes in touch with the hot air while it falls down. As per the feed property and the requirement of process the counter current or co current flow depends. Direct or indirect hot air generator is used to produce drying media.

This rotary sugar dryer is designed with a rotating cylindrical shell with internal lifters and also fitted with two cast steel tyres and sprocket. Chain and sprocket which is coupled to sprocket helps for the rotation of shell. The final rotation of drums shall be 4-6 RPM.

To maximize heat and mass transfer between three phases, the wet crystalline sugar goes with the upcoming air stream. The flight design of this device plays a very important role for the entire process. Geometric considerations and measured material flow properties provide the exact analysis of flight discharge.

This rotary sugar dryer works using hot water flow which comes through the dryer. The design of its dryer is counter flow design with screw feeder at tail end and the ambient heated air entering through the hot air pipe and the cold air entering through the discharge end to cool the sugar.

It is compact in size and is ideal for both raw sugar and refined sugar application to dry the wet sugar inlet moisture of 0.2 to 0.4 % and to get the outlet sugar moisture 0.04 to 0.05 %, variable sugar crystal sizes. Finely designed and developed these devices are acclaimed for sturdiness and consistency in performance.