Mill House Equipment

Utilizing the latest technique, we manufacture superior quality of sugar mill machinery and sugar mill equipment used for processing sugarcane. Our comprehensive range of heavy duty mill house equipment include Cane Chopper, Swing Type Cane Fibrizor, Rake Carriers/Rake Elevators, Mill with DC Drives and more. These sugar machinery can be designed to incorporate conventional mill gearing, using a steam turbine or electric variable speed motor as the prime mover. Shaft mounted or remote electro hydraulic or electro mechanical drives can also be utilized.
We offer any scale of Mill ranging from 18:36 to 55:110.
Previously Cane Kicker or Cutter were used. To eliminate the drawbacks of Kicker and Cutter this new device is introduced and run successfully with best performance at various sugar mills. Main advantage of the Chopper are - To avoid the jamming & to feed equally to Fibrizor. (It is creating uniform Cane Mat / layer) Special Features : Works as "FEED METERING DEVICE". Excess cane cuts and throws back. Chokeless hood of unique design. Due to precisely monitoring the entry of cane, peak loads on leveller, fibrizer and mills reduces and stabilise process.  
Short space Rake Carriers are designed to transfer the crushed cane from 1st to last Mill, which will help to instantaneous feeding at the Mills.

These are designed to achieve P.I. of 85 and above and designed for very easy installation on existing cane carrier with pocketed Anvil having about 1650 wrap angle. Hubs are specially designed for self balancing and the rotor is placed such as to provide maximum grating arc, totally avoiding uncut cane pieces. This also provide safety to Fibrizor from foreign materials coming with cane. Such revolutionary Fibrizor are showing high efficiency at different sugar plants in all over India.
Based on the long experience in this field and series of benefits gained with TRPF, we had designed 3-roller Mill with 2 rollers of TRPF. Our Mills are healthy and have many features unavailable in other Mills. Low power consumption and least apex angle with short pressure chutes are our main design features.

Although the TRPF/GRPF milling system increases the crushing capacity, it is experienced that conventional TRPF/GRPF technology, which is developed abroad, is not convenient in India. This is because it requires extensive modifications in the foundations, drives, gearing. It also has a long pressure chute, which results in larger contact angle and uneven mill feeding. SSEPL has developed the TRPF (Toothed Roller Pressure Feeder) System, which has removed all the drawbacks in the imported technologies. It provides smaller contact angle, reduced length of pressure chute, economic power consumption and better mill feeding, which gives increased crushing rate and better juice extraction. Conversion from 3 rollers to 5-roller mill with Saisidha's TRPF or GRPF is done with minimum work of shifting, drive gearing and foundation changes. The Sugar factories with Saisidha's TRPF on 30" x 60" common Drive Mill Tandem, have achieved crush rates of over 4500 TCD @ 15% fiber, which is the highest in India with RME above 96% P.I.

  • Reduced deposits of bagacillo and sand mud particles in the juice heaters, juice sulphitors, clarifiers etc. Especially bagacillo deposits in the heaters will be less to a great extent thus reducing time and manpower for cleaning of juice heaters.
  • Improved colour of sugar due to - Reduction in colour formation due to bagacillo reaction with milk of lime at high temperature. - Clarity of clear juice improved.
  • Savings in chemicals (which otherwise would have reacted with bagacillo coming with juice)
  • Elimination of deposits of bagacillo particles on the sugar crystals in Vacuum pan, which will impart under colour with passage of time.
  • Improved efficiency of down stream processing equipment.
  • With increased efficiency of separating juice and bagacillo, more bagacillo will be going back to mills and from there to the boilers.
  • Less space requirement on the mills.
  • On-line and automatic cleaning of the screen at preset interval is possible.
  • Less maintenance and no on-line adjustments, supervision is required.
  • No chocking of screens.
  • Lower power requirements.
  • Can work at reduced crush rate with same efficiency.
  • Eliminates the requirement of static screens and suitable locating the rotary screen also elements screw conveyer.

We had supplied E.O.T. Mill House Cranes ranging from 15 Tons to 50 T SWL Capacities or it can be designed as per Client's requirement.