Lime Station Equipment

We manufacture ultramodern Lime Station Equipments that are used grit removal equipment for sugar mill. These grit removal equipments are capable of separating even the micron size of grit. Our lime station equipments ensure low mud volume and less scaling at evaporators. High in efficiency, these equipments are available at the leading industrial prices. We also offer customised solutions as per the specification of the customers.

Rake Type Lime Classifier

  • Reciprocating rake grit removal system provided is capable of removing more than 95% of all fine and coarse grits of plus 100 mesh range.
  • These lime classifiers produce a substantially grit-free of lime solution and a cleansed, well washed and drained grit from the milk of lime prepared from drum slackers. This helps better process control in downstream, process equipments.
  • These features fully balanced harmonic motion mechanically, which increase the life of machine completed to other types of classification units.
  • Grits separation efficiency is superior.
  • The dry deck length provided with grits wash spray arrangement aids further to minimize chemical losses through the grits.
  • Low power consumption.
  • These units are sturdy in construction and need minimum maintenance attention.