Cane Handling Equipment

We offer complete range of cane handling and feeding arrangements for sugar mills. Our comprehensive range of cane handling equipment includes Cane Unloader, Feeder Tables and Cane Carrier. Easy to operate, these equipment’s provide long service life requiring minimum maintenance. The technique of cane handling varies from region to region depending upon the type of cane availability, labour and other factors. Hence, we provide our customers with cost-effective customization of the equipment exactly as per their requirement.
Sugarcane Unloader can be operated by following methods –
  • Mechanically operated
  • Hydraulically operated
In both operating methods there are Two main types –
  • Sling Type
  • Grab Type
It can be designed as per the site conditions or client’s requirement
  • Two Motion
  • Three Motion
Till today we had successfully commissioned more than 50 Nos. of various capacities with different operations and types ranging from 5 M.T. SWL to 15 M.T. SWL capacities.  

We design, manufacture, supply, erect & Commission Hilo Type Unloaders:

Saisidha Hilo off-loaders are rugged reliable and easy to operate with world class hydraulic, electric and electronic components using adequate built in safety for continuous outdoor working. The advanced operating feature enables auto adjust the working pressure/speed and handle variable loads without constraints up to an overload safety margin of 125%. A versatile hook positioning control quickly locate hook on variety of vehicle chain net beam. The equipment is guaranteed to perform 15 cycles per hour. The Hilo cane off loaders are robust, self supported and all steel construction built to operate with either using hydraulic cylinders or electric winch with rope drum. On specific requirement Hilo Off Loader can also be provided running on diesel engine for remote application or no electricity. Saisidha Hilo Off-Loaders are modular in design and easy to maintain.

The superior operating mechanism through solenoid valves increase system response and avoid cumbersome mechanical levers/ linkages and its wear. The ample sized oil reservoir and filters keep the system clean and also prevents overheating. Superior sealing with hard chrome plated & piston rod allows trouble free working for a longer period. The strong jack beam prevents the vehicle tilting during cane off-loading.

The operator cabin installed strategically gives clear view of load and vehicle. Hyd. cylinder type Hilo is equipped with hydraulic power pack and cylinders for lift control, hook position control and vehicle tilt control mechanism, while the movement on rails will be controlled with hyd. Motor and suitable gear reducer. The winch type Hilos will be provided with an adjustable guided structure for hook travel and position control through hydraulic jacks, while a winch with drum and ropes will control the lift uniformly from two parallel structure with guided hooks . Tough rope guys keep the structure steady.

It can be designed as per the plant’s capacity and client’s requirement. Some of the main popular sizes are 6 M wide and 7 M in length & 8 M x 8 M or 4 M x 5 M. It will be installed in a manner so that it is at reverse angle of 3o with horizontal and rises forward the cane carrier. We also provide Feeder Tables with washing arrangement and sloping towards the carrier. We mainly use the quality components like chains, Gear boxes, Motors and VFDs. For the chain we use appropriate breaking load of the chain ranging from 30,000 Kgs to 60,000 Kgs. To save the Power consumption (Energy) we useVFD’s.

Completely made of steel, our sugarcane carriers have adequate column and support. These cane carriers are available with ample carrier depth that facilitates to feed the required capacity. These machines are highly durable, which can be further customized as per the need of the customer.