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Within our workshops, we deploy advanced manufacturing technologies to cater for NPCIL (Nuclear Power Corporation of India Pvt. Ltd., EIL (Engineers India Ltd) for Oil Gas & Refinery, IBR (Indian Boiler Regulatory Board) for Steam Boilers & Steel Plant - EAF (Electric Arc Furnace). Heavy Fabrication with all facilities under one roof, under TPIA (Third Party Inspection Agency).

Exceptional Tools

Hi-Speed CNC Drill Machine - 9M (Gantry Type) 2 Spindle

This two-spindle head machine is renowned for its exceptional productivity, precision, and quality in drilling operations, especially for Tube Sheet Drilling, Process House, and Boiler Drums. It can handle plates up to 700mm in thickness, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

Plate Rolling Machine

Our Plate Rolling Machine excels in rolling and bending plates with a thickness of 140 mm x 2.5-meter width or 100 mm thickness x 3.1-meter width. This capability is crucial for achieving superior precision in the fabri- cation of Boiler Drums and various pressure- Image vessels, meeting stringent quality and dimensional requirements.

CNC Plate/Profile Cutting Machine

Employing state-of-the-art CNC technology, our cutting-edge machines can precisely cut any shape and diameter required for a wide range of applications, including Boiler Drums and various pressure vessels. This ensures adherence to stringent quality and dimen- sional requirements.

EOT (Electric Overhead Travel) Crane

Featuring a robust design, our EOT Crane boasts an impressive lifting capacity of 100 tonnes, guaranteeing efficient and reliable handling of heavy-duty materials.

These advanced machines collectively contribute to our high productivity in heavy engineering, enabling us to meet the most demanding manufacturing challenges with precision and excellence.

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