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Case Study

15-Month Turnkey Triumph


Key Equipment List:

  • Energy-Efficient Technology
  • Robust Mills
  • Flexible Design for Seamless Expansion


West Valley Sugar embarked on a greenfield project, requiring a sugar plant designed and built from the ground up. The challenge was to create a turnkey solution that not only met immediate operational needs but also laid the groundwork for future expansion.

SAISIDHA’s Solution:

We took on the challenge and delivered a turnkey solution for West Valley Sugar. The project exemplified the distinctive SAISIDHA approach, featuring energy-efficient technology, robust mills, and a flexible design that allowed for seamless expansion—a crucial consideration for a greenfield project.

Key Achievements:

  • Energy Efficiency:  Integrated state-of-the-art, energy-efficient technology into the sugar plant, ensuring optimal performance and sustainability.
  • Robust Mills: The project included robust mills engineered for high crush rates, showcasing efficiency in cane processing and extraction rates.
  • Flexible Design: The flexibility of our designs enabled seamless expansion, providing West Valley Sugar the adaptability to meet evolving operational needs.
  • Turnkey Excellence: The entire greenfield project, initiated on a turnkey basis, was completed within an impressive timeline, highlighting our efficiency and comprehensive project management capabilities.


SAISIDHA’s turnkey excellence has transformed West Valley Sugar from a conceptual greenfield project to a fully operational and adaptable sugar plant. The incorporation of energy-efficient technology, robust mills, and a flexible design not only met immediate requirements but also positioned West Valley Sugar for future growth. This case study underscores our commitment to delivering turnkey solutions that redefine industry standards and exceed client expectations, particularly in the challenging landscape of greenfield projects.

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