About us

Saisidha Sugar Equipment & Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. is established in 1985, serving the Sugar industry for more than 3 decades now. An ISO 9000:2015 certified company, Saisidha Sugar Equipment & Engineering Co. Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of sugar making machine that offers turnkey service.

We leave no stone unturned in continually pushing the boundaries of technology and thus have acquired a commendable position in the sugar industry of the world. We have a vision to grow and this can be well seen in our expansion strategy as we had initially ventured in the field of Mill, Boiling and Clarification House Equipment of the Sugar Industry and have spread our roots in sugar manufacturing plant industry.

Our excellent services have enabled us to head the list of companies that are known for providing beneficial solution providers and process equipment manufacturers, in India and abroad, thus boosting the turnover of the company by many folds.

Our main reason for success has been our constant technological advancement owing to which we have been able to heavy electrical power consuming equipment like Condensing System etc. to ensure minimum power consumption. We lay emphasis on designing and this is shown in our designs have cut down power requirements to the tune of 40%. Similarly, Unique vapor bleeding systems along with pressure stabilization have resulted in higher throbs of equipment and reduced steam consumption up to 38-39% on cane.

Saisidha wishes to constantly strive to be recognized as a leader in providing world class, future perfected cutting-edge technology provider on turn-key basis with client focussed engineering services.

Our Mission is to:
  •  To create a strong brand image in Sugar Sector,
  • To Provide Customer Friendly Engineering Solutions,
  • To Be Close To Customers At All Times,
  •  To Be Cost Effective In All The Services Offered,
  • To be an employer where employees have an atmosphere conducive to all-round growth,
  • To exceed customer's expectations with innovative and competitive solutions
It is the vision and mission of our organization which outlines our basic principles and creates an atmosphere motivating each individual in the organization to excel in every activity that is undertaken. Our "values" work as inner compass which guides in all our endeavors. These make us stand apart when it comes to respond to client’s specific needs. Saisidha believes in constantly upgrading itself by being in sync with latest global technological advancements, assimilate them and pass on the benefits to the industry.
The key word is TRY TO BE BETTER EVER.
Entire team of Saisidha is highly committed to adhere to International Standards and abide by high degree of moral and business ethics, at all levels.